Thursday, December 13, 2007

Secret Paws is here!

Thanks Abby and Boo for the wonderful Secret Paws gift! I can't tell you how excited we were when Dad came in from hunting and brought the box in. Mom had been feeling run down and sniffelly and this brightened her day too.

Maggie and Josie were so excited when Dad put the box down for us. Maggie started clawing and headbutting the box right away, while Josie investigated carefully, as she always does.

Josie read us the card from Abby and Boo (Mom taught her to always read the card first...).

Mom helped lay everything out for us so we could investigate and pick our favorites. It's a tough call to pick a favorite.

Huggy Bear and Josie decided to share the gold glittery ball, but Huggy called it first and played first. He was nice though and let Josie play with it shortly thereafter.

Of course the Temptations were a hit! (This is me "resisting Temptation" -- hehe)

Thanks again Abby and Boo for this excellent Secret Paws gift! We'll be enjoying it for a long time. And we helped Mom pack up our Secret Paws package to go out ... just one more thing to complete it and it'll be in the mail Saturday.

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