Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #6 -- Sticking out her tongue

The other day Maggie was sticking out her tongue at us. Huggy Bear, Josie and I have discussed why we think she'd be sticking out her tongue. These are our guesses...

I'll show you what I think

1. She's a sassy little girl and is showing us all.
2. I called her "naughty" and showed pictures of her in her naughty t-shirt last week and she's not happy with me.
3. ::raspberry::
4. She was sleeping in front of the space heater (before it turned hot outside).
5. She thinks she needed some pink in the picture to offset her fur.
6. Dad used day-old milk in his cereal and she drank some.
7. Tired of the same old treats.
8. She's expressing her disappointment that all those new toys and treats coming into the house are for Secret Paws and not for her.
9. She's really a snake.
10. Girls just like to razz boys any way they can.
11. She's the youngest so she knows she can get away with bad behavior.
12. She told a joke and we didn't laugh so she suck her tongue out at us.
13. She didn't think Santa Claws was looking so she had to get the "bad" out of her system real quick by sticking her tongue out at me.

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