Sunday, December 30, 2007

Easy Like Sunday

Mom and Dad got a new camera, upgrading from their old Canon PowerShot A40 2.0 megapixel camera to a PowerShot A720 8.0 megapixel camera. Quite a leap from 40 to 720 ... it means that Mom and Dad are now following us around the house taking all kinds of pictures of us just to take pictures to see what the camera can do in this light, or that light, or this mode. This was Dad's first cat picture he took on the new camera. He was really excited about it. I like how it focused on my eye ... good depth of field in the macro setting. I just hope they let us relax since it is Easy Like Sunday and all, and don't flash us with the camera too much. It's raining today, which is perfect napping weather!

[Laurence Simon is hosting his final go at the Carnival of Cats before passing it off in the new year. I've never participated in the carnival of cats, although I linked to Is Full of Crap years ago. My Uncle Doug pointed me to Is Full of Crap and I would visit it infrequently and randomly, but I just wanted to acknowledge what he did for us cat bloggers. I know he's stepping away from the cat blogging, but he did a lot to pave the way for a lot of us cat bloggers, and it's important to send head bumps and purrs to cat blogging pioneers like him. Thanks, Laurence, for all you've done for us blogging cats!]

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