Saturday, January 07, 2006

Our Christmas cards

We received two Christmas cards this year. One was from Virg, our dear friend from the Quad Cities of Iowa/Illinois and a fellow cat lover, addressed to Mom and Dad and the McKitten-Cats. Her card featured a cute cat swatting a Christmas ornament. Her friend actually adopted my mom from the shelter the day after I was adopted. The other card came from Dad's Uncle and was addressed to Balls of Fur. This one had four cats on it, each holding a letter J-O-Y-!. The uncle drew an arrow to the last one labeled "Demon Nation" and inside, the card was signed (in columns):Orange Cats: Mickey, Fat Elvis, Skinny Elvis, The Big Lebowski; Black Cats: Dot, Sir Shaggims; Grey Cat: Demon Nation and followed by the statement: There is no quiet in my house. Mom and Dad said this was the funniest card they got all year.

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