Saturday, January 14, 2006


Oh Maggie was just so proud of herself last night. Our weather here has been unseasonably warm to the point that we have been able to have our windows open and enjoy the nice warm air. And that nice weather means that some of those buggies are less motivated to try to come inside. But yesterday a cold front came in and we had real heavy rains, so the bug hunt began! Maggie was the first to claim a trophy -- a moderate-sized "Palmetto bug" (translation: roach) that she brought into Mom and Dad's bedroom and presented to Dad at the side of the bed. She sat beside it with her head held high until she got Dad's attention, then he flushed her kill (flush, shouldn't he at least consider a mount?) and the rewarded us all with Pounce treats! The weather is better today, so the next hunt may have to wait...

[Note: Please don't think a roach in the house means Mom and Dad are dirty people ... it's a product of a few factors: 1) We live in the South, so bugs are a fact of life. 2) We live in an apartment, so bugs are a fact of life. 3) Our apartment backs up to woods, so bugs are a fact of life ... not that I'm complaining. Just don't want anyone getting the wrong idea.]

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