Saturday, January 07, 2006

Disappointed Josie

Josie was so good and patient. She sat right at Dad's feet while he peeled five pounds of shrimp for some gumbo Mom is making. Five pounds! That's a lot of shrimp (and patience), and not one whimper or whine or nibble of Dad's achilles to get his attention. Just her quiet presence. And you know what she got for being so good? A Pounce dental treat. That's like a child watching their parent eat a huge piece of cake, and getting Dentyne to "brush their breath." There has got to be some governing body we can appeal this to!

[Update: A while later, Mom did boil a little shrimp and cut it into tiny pieces for Josie, Maggie and Huggy. She fixed some for me too, but it wasn't really my thing. Maggie worked on it pretty good, as did Huggy, but Josie really enjoyed her little reward the most, I think.]

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