Monday, January 23, 2006

Call us McCabinet-cats

It looks like we should change our name from McKitten-cat to McCabinet-cat. Sunday, Mom and Dad ended up frantically searching the apartment (I mean, really, come on, it's an apartment ... how far could any of us go?) because they hadn't seen Josie in quite some time. They searched all her usual spots and even pulled out ice cubes and shook treats, which usually brings Josie a-running. After a little more searching, Mom sees Josie poke her head out from the closed door of Dad's bathroom cabinet. Apparently, she had been sleeping soundly under there all warm and tucked into the extra towels. (Mom thinks she even got in there last night to sleep.)

So later on, Huggy Bear is under the kitchen sink nestled in among the plastic grocery bags Mom and Dad save to remove our used litter. Fortunately, he never shows any interest in the bad stuff under the sink.

To top the evening off (and tell on myself a little), Dad took me into his bathroom to check my bottom after a trip to the litter box. As Mom put it, I dropped a bomb, and sometimes some maintenance is required. So Dad shut the door to isolate me and clean me up. While he's helping clean me up, he looks down and there's Maggie! I guess she got under the sink, too, because she was nosing her way out from underneath.

They are all so silly. If you ask me, nothing beats a nice comfy couch or an unmade bed.

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