Friday, January 20, 2006

Dead vacuum

We have been working hard at defeating the vacuum for some time ... about 13 months. Give Huggy Bear the most credit, because he will stalk the vacuum, hold down the cord when Mom tries to vacuum and in general defend the rest of us from the vacuum. But the rest of us, we did our part too, shedding as much as we could. The timing couldn't have been any better, either, because Dad said the warranty had just expired about a month ago!

Mom started to vacuum just before Aunt Kelli came and it started making an awful smell and Mom and Dad realized the belt was burning. We thought this was only a brief setback as Mom and Dad changed the belt, but it did it again! Unfortunately, I think they said something about Sears yesterday, so we may have a new enemy soon. But now we have resolve -- we've beaten it once, we know we can do it again.

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