Friday, July 02, 2010

Finally Friday

After the water bottle incident, Dad felt kind of bad. He needed to get us treats at Target, so while he was there he and Mom also picked up some Fancy Feast Appetizers that were SO yummy, and a new toy for us too.

Josie with the new toy
Josie was quick to claim the toy. She laid on it to make sure no one else would take it from her.


Kea said...

There's nothing quite like human guilt to get new toys and lots of treats. Heh!

JC said...

Cute !!!
My Al sits by his red mouse as if to say, It's All Mine ^,,^

Max said...

You know, Buddah does that, too. We get a new toy and he's ON it, germing it up with his cooties... why can't the people learn to buy a toy for each kitty EVERY time???

The Whiskeratti said...

Hey, gotta stake your claim as soon as possible.