Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #9 -- Stay home

We definitely prefer to have Mom and Dad home instead of out working or shopping. We are lucky because when Dad goes to work Mom is usually still home with us, but sometimes she has to go out too. Now, we're pretty independent, and are more than capable of behaving ourselves without Mom and Dad watching over us, but we still prefer them to be home with us. And here's 13 reasons why:
1. I haven't been able to teach Maggie, Huggy Bear or even Josie to use the brush yet to brush my cheeks like Mom and Dad do.
2. Dad can reach the bowls for our wet food.
3. We've recently learned that the couch is even warmer with Mom or Dad on it.
4. Someone has to refill the food bowl.
5. We need their thumbs to help us upload pictures for the blog and Flickr.
6. They know where the feathers-on-a-stick are.
7. We like knowing where they are, even if we're not with them right now...
8. ...except for Huggy Bear, who lately must be beside Mom at all times.
9. Dad also cleans the litter box, although he has let it reach an unacceptable low level today, which he has promised to fix.
10. They sing our names to us in silly songs (which I think clearly puts them in the Crazy Cat People category).
11. When Mom and Dad are not here they put me in charge, which really cuts into my nap time.
12. Mom lets us help with crafts (well, we kind of insist) and when she's not here there's less ribbon to chase.
13. Oh, and of course, we love them and that's really why we want them to hang around instead of going to work and shopping (unless they're shopping for stuff for us).

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