Thursday, January 03, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #8 -- 8+5

(To not shortchange one Thursday Thirteen, or push back another, we're doing a Thursday Eight+Five)...

Mom and Dad aren't fools, they know we're playing in the tree. Really, it's 90 percent Maggie in the tree, but Josie and Huggy Bear are spending their share of time under the tree resting. So today's Thursday Thirteen is thirteen pieces of evidence that we've been in the Christmas tree.

Josie by the tree

1. A Christmas ball in the middle of the living room.
2. The branches on the back side of the tree are all flattened down.
3. Strings of lights are pulled off the branches.
4. Maggie's break-away collar is hanging from a branch (last year).
5. Claw marks on the packages.
6. Black spot of fur on the tree skirt.
7. The tree is tipped and leaning into the corner.
8. Jingle, jingle, rustle, rustle, meow...

Plus Five...

Maggie has a lot of fun on and around the desk. Yesterday's Wordless Wednesday is just one example. For today's Thursday Thirteen I wanted to look back at the picture and point out Mom and Dad's favorite pieces of that picture.

Is this thing on?

9. Maggie is reaching down and grabbing the computer microphone with her claw as if she wants to talk to the cyber-world.
10. See the baby pictures on the left of the hutch? That's our friend Melanie's little girl wearing bunny ears from last Easter. She's very cute. The other picture on the hutch, the one with the star, that's the same cutie at Britney Spear's star in Hollywood. Too funny.
11. Of course, the little girl on the right, that's Gracie. Gracie is our favorite sticky person, and has been since Josie and Huggy Bear were new little kittens.
12. The picture of Gracie is being held by a paper clip dragonfly. Mom and Dad both think dragonflies are really cool, and we think bugs made out of twisted paper clips are cool, and fun to bat around and play with. Mom has dragonflies and spiders made out of paper clips. (They wish they could claim that they did it themselves, but Mom reminded me that these were made by nuns to benefit a charity, which I guess is even cooler than if Mom had done it herself.)
13. At bottom center is a little green chick in an egg. This is an Isabel Bloom sculpture from Iowa. You'll notice some of these other green-ish sculptures around in other pictures over the years. Mom has a (slowly) growing collection. They are unique to where Mom and Dad lived when they were in Iowa and Isabel Bloom trained under Grant Wood (famous for American Gothic -- you know, the painting of the farmer and his wife).

[You may notice on the link from Cat Blogosphere that I called it 9+4. That does equal 13 except I had eight on one half and five on the other, which also equals 13. I just wasn't paying attention when I first made the link.]

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