Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #11 -- In the kitchen

Mom likes to cook, and she cooks some pretty remarkable things, or at least the people who visit say so. She got a cat treat cookbook for Christmas, but she hasn't had the time to try any of those recipes out on us yet. So for today's Thursday Thirteen I'm talking about being in the kitchen, since that's on of Mom's favorite places.

Treats all around

1. In the morning, the kitchen is a very important place to be. Dad usually fixes his lunch and breakfast at the same time. Since his fixings are all in the pantry, that means that Huggy Bear, Josie and Maggie hurry to greet him and get some treats, since those are in the pantry too.
2. The kitchen is also where we get to eat our wet food. We don't eat wet food all the time, but as a special treat. Mom and Dad always use these glass "whatever" bowls and we know the clink-clink of those bowls. (Sometimes Mom will try to use on of the bowls for something else not cat-food related and we take offense at being teased that way.)
3. When Mom is cooking, one of us must be in there to snoopervise. This is usually Maggie or Huggy Bear. They take very different snoopervising approaches...
4. ... Maggie likes to snoopervise from up high, usually choosing the top of the refrigerator...
5. ... while Huggy Bear snoopervises from down low, usually stretching out in "half moon kitty" pose in the middle of the kitchen floor.
6. Sometimes we'll walk on the kitchen counter, but this is discouraged when food is around.
7. Mom and Dad do not let us walk on the stove, even when it's cold. They get nervous when they see us exploring up there, and rightly so.
8. The kitchen also has non-food related benefits, like the big window that looks out at the tree and back yard. We all like to sit at this window and watch the action back there ... birds, squirrels, Mom and Dad doing yard work.
9. The kitchen is where we play ice cube, one of our favorite games. Although the game sometimes starts in the living room, with Dad tossing an ice cube from his glass of water, the playing field is definitely the kitchen floor.
10. Josie will play ice cube, but she prefers to lick the crushed ice from the ice maker. Mom is sure to put some finely crushed ice beside the water bowl just for Josie.
11. Although Mom has not made any cat treats yet, I hope she can find one with pineapple juice in it, because that's one of my favorite things. If Mom empties a can of crushed pineapple, she'll let me lick the juice and it is yummy,
12. Mom tried to get us to eat a banana like Pixie, but we weren't interested. But we did learn to eat from Mom and Dad's fingers like Daisy does. And that made Mom and Dad happy. And Maggie will eat Cheerios (but probably because she doesn't know they're not cat treats).
13. The kitchen also has cabinets that Huggy Bear and I know how to open, which is fun, and even if we try to lock Maggie in there she can still push the door and get out, so we're not mean, just playful. We actually play all kinds of games in the kitchen because of the big open floor space, like Chase Josie, and Pink Ball.

You see, the kitchen is a good place for so many things. I could go on and on, listing all the foods and hiding places, but I'll stop, and maybe save that for next Thursday...

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