Monday, February 26, 2007

Kitty Kozy

The Kitty Kozies come today! Thank you Timmy and Grammie! You are the best. Huggy Bear and Maggie have already napped together on one. We are enjoying them so much. This is such a special prize, and so very nice of you to send one for each of us.

When the box arrived Dad opened it and we quickly investigated the Kozies. (Later, once the box was empty, I got in it ... two gifts in one, if you ask me.)

Mom has taught us to always read the cards first. Timmy's Grammie wrote us a very nice note. The card was cool with wobbly flowers on top that distracted us from the nice words she wrote.

Maggie checked out all the Kozies. The red and blue one is the one that she and HB ended up napping on together. The purple and green one that Maggie is partially on matches the bedspread pretty well where Josie likes to sleep, so we've given that one to her. The others are in our favorite napping places so we have a happy, Kozy nap later.

Thanks Timmy and Grammie once again for the great prize. Your friendship is the true prize, the Kozy is just bonus.

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