Friday, February 02, 2007

Climbing Mt. Bed

We've gotten better at getting up on the new bed. Here are some pictures from when Mom and Dad got the bed up at first.

This is Maggie doing her spider monkey impersonation. You can get an idea of the height of the bed from this shot, as well as an idea of Maggie's athleticism. The small blur at the top is Josie. I think Maggie was trying to pounce her, and that was the motivation behind the big jump.

Here I am reclining on my bed that I let Mom and Dad sleep on. On the rare chance that Mom and Dad make the bed, the cool square pillows go on. Usually they leave it unmade so I can snuggle in the sheets and on Dad's pillow, which I prefer to a made bed.

I like this picture a little better, although the one before shows the new bedspread better. It is very comfortable (and came from Target, which makes it even cooler!) and Mom is so happy to have the new bedspread and mattress. Next will be paint (probably the blue from the bedspread) and then furniture. Lots of stuff to put our stink on...

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