Monday, February 19, 2007

Hokie the cat

Mom and Dad visited their friends Nikki and Todd in Atlanta this weekend. Nikki and Todd have a chow-lab mix dog named Lizzy, a big gray and white boy cat named Hokie and a petite mostly white (with just the slightest black highlights) girl cat named Miya (she hides a lot, and has never told us how to properly spell her name). Hokie is very funny, because he can be tempermental and fiesty, but also wants your love and attention. Dad was sitting in one of the chairs in the living room and Hokie climbed up and nudged in beside Dad on the cushion. Hokie would nuzzle Dad, and Dad would pet him for a few seconds like he wanted, then Hokie would turn and show his teeth and Dad would stop. This cycle continued for about 30 minutes ... nudge, pet, teeth, pause, repeat. It's an adventure, you never know when he might strike. But it all ended when Lizzy the dog decided to come and say hi. She got close to Dad's lap and Hokie raised up, hissed, and batted at Lizzy (and Dad's legs) several times. Hokie doesn't have front claws, so this is more funny than threatening to Lizzy and she does it all the time. I think Lizzy thinks Hokie is playing with her, because her tail just gets going like crazy, but the way Dad tells it, Hokie means business. He really is just so funny though. One minute he's biting Aunt Tiffany (also visiting), the next he's laid across her lap loving on her. I guess that's our birthright as cats ... we're allowed to change our moods that quickly.

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