Friday, February 23, 2007

Josie, huntress, show cat

Mom gave Maggie and ice cube earlier today and when she sent it skipping across the kitchen floor, Josie came darting in from off the couch. But as Josie came into the kitchen she saw all the birdies in the tree outside the kitchen window and she was transfixed. She got in the window, pupils got big, and her tail was kicking up a breeze with all the flicking back and forth. Maggie, on the other hand, had nothing to do with the birds -- ice cube is all she wants.

This weekend, there is a cat show in town and the Carolina Cats lady called Mom to let her know that there is a house cat division with the people's choice earning a spot in the big competition. Mom and Dad toyed with entering Josie. They figured she's a uniform beauty, not too big like HB and I, not too feisty like Maggie, and her eyes would get real big with all the commotion and that makes her even prettier. But they're going to paint the bathroom this weekend instead. Probably best ... don't want to make all the other kitties feel bad when they get compared to Josie.

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