Thursday, August 17, 2006

Something's getting a toothy death

I've been good, patient, almost Zen-like. But enough is enough. Something's getting a toothy death.

First, there's all the chaos with the upcoming move (eight days away). Boxes (sure, the boxes are OK), and Mom all stressed and just general disruption. Second, the Mitzi invasion that took Mom away from us for a full day. Finally, and truly the final straw, the meds yesterday. They made us each take some pills, but since Huggy Bear and I are bigger, we had to take two (Maggie only one, Josie one and a half.) They got me with the first one, but the second one I was ready. I did the thrusting tongue, bob-and-weave head moves, pushing with my front paws. It must have taken them a good five minutes to get me to swallow the last one. I even got the mouth foam going. (Mom said, "He'll eat bugs, but foams up at this...")

So enough is enough. I'm not saying when, or where, but trust me, a toothy death is coming.

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