Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Kittens kittens everywhere

Mom and Dad saw these two cute little calico kittens the other day, mostly white with black/gray and orange. They were with a young tuxedo they had befriended and were exploring and found some food our upstairs neighbor had put out for the neighborhood cats. They are very skittish and ran quickly (very quickly). Well, the other day, Dad saw a third, this one gray tabby. Then last night, a fourth, resembling the first two, and the mother, a mostly white with a gray tabby-ish back. They live in the woods back behind our apartment. Mom and Dad tried to get some pictures that I'll get up soon. But I heard Mom say, "We're moving to a bigger house, do we need four kittens?" But then she laughed and we all breathed a little easier.

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