Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I'm back!

I'm back among the blogging. The room that will be the office has no phone jack (Bellsouth comes out next week to install one...) so Dad put the computer in the bonus room, but that phone jack goes to a "second line" that we don't have, so Dad had to move the computer into the bedroom temporarily. But we're connected again.

The house is slowly starting to feel like a home to us. Maggie was doing a catwalk along the top of the stand-up shower stall. Mom's afraid we might jump down in there and get stuck, but we'll handle that when it happens, I guess. Maggie still prefers the master bedroom more than anywhere else. Josie is starting to get more comfortable and, once the boxes are gone, should be back to her old self. Huggy Bear is enjoying lounging on the stairs and he and I will prowl together.

The previous owners had dogs and although the house isn't "doggy" we are still aware and are putting our stink everywhere we can by rubbing our faces and pawing at the floors.

I did have a "what am I thinking" moment last night as Dad carried some groceries in from the garage. Huggy Bear and I have been very curious about that door and I started to make a break for it, not realizing that the big outside garage door was open. Dad ushered me back with his foot and then instituted an "air lock" system of the doors just in case. He has carried me around in the garage, but right now there is a ton of storage in there and he knows if I get to playing in there I may never want to leave.

OK ... back to exploring. Pictures soon...

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