Monday, August 14, 2006

I see a pattern emerging

When Huggy Bear and Josie (and Curly and Frisky) showed up, Mom had been out of town for the week.

When Maggie's party of 10 arrived, Mom had gone out of town, Dad went to pick her up.

So last week, Aunt Tiff visited, then took Mom to Big Canoe outside Atlanta on Wednesday. Dad went up Friday for the weekend and they came home last night. You might be able to see where this is going...

Dad went out to pick up dinner and two neighbors are out talking about this lone kitten, about four weeks old, who seems to have been separated from her mom. Dad calls Mom to investigate. Seems this little kitten showed up Saturday night and was upstairs crying around. Last night, she was crying some more. The neighbors thought they had seen her with other kittens and a mom by the dumpster, so when Dad returned, he and Mom walked the kitten to the dumpster, but there was no mom to be found. They brought her back and set her in the bushes with some milk since she couldn't keep solid food down. After dinner she was still in the bushes. Mom and Dad took the trash down and, midway there, they heard this "meep" and looked behind them and here's the little girl following them. So she goes with them and plays in the bushes some like she belongs there, but there's still no mom, so Mom and Dad bring her back. At this point, they realize she's in no state to be alone. Mom and Dad ran to the store and got some mother's milk and a bottle and a stuffed animal for her and put her in the big carrier for the night.

When Mom gave her the milk last night, she immediately chewed the nipple off and drank the milk from the opening. She is very sweet, and licked milk from Mom's finger and out of a small saucer this morning. She's been crying a little, but aside from the calico kittens, she hasn't had visitors. Mom did let her wander some this morning and she had a blast getting a tree and exploring some tall grass.

We'll hopefully be able to find a good home for her pretty quickly. Mom's checking with Pets Inc. (our no-kill shelter) today. If we weren't moving in two weeks she might be joining us because she's so darned cute. But we've settled on a family of four cats (four bedroom house, four cats -- good balance if you ask me). Just keep your paws crossed that this little bit stays healthy while we find her a good home.

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