Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Birthday wet food

Since Tuesday was Huggy Bear and Josie's birthday, we got some wet food. We normally just have dry food, so this is always a special treat.

Josie eating her birthday stinky goodness
You know it was good because Josie is ignoring the blue ball and eating the stinky goodness instead.

Maggie investigating Josie's food
Maggie abandoned her own to investigate everyone else's. Then Dad tricked her by putting her's back down like it was new.

Huggy Bear enjoying his birthday stinky goodness, too
Huggy Bear enjoying his serving.

So good, Jasper licked the side of the bowl
And me licking the last bits off the side of the bowl. This was some of my favorite, Fancy Feast Elegant Medley White Meat Chicken Primavera (it even sounds fancy).

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