Monday, September 21, 2009

Mancat Monday

Mom and Dad are so funny. They bought a neat looking collar for me the other day at Target. It was pretty, but for me? Really? Didn't they learn seven years ago when I was a kitten? Do collar can hold me.

Jasper wearing a collar -- briefly
Here I am showing off the collar. I like the colors. They go well with my furs. But there's a bell and Jack-o-lantern on it that I had nothing for. I mean, what's the point? Every time I move it jingles and bugs me.

Jasper trying to remove his collar
This is my first attempt at removing the collar. I really wanted to put the bite on it, but I couldn't quite get my teeth on it. Mom and Dad went downstairs to watch the end of a few football games with Aunt Tiff. Less than an hour later, I came down with no collar on. I was very proud of myself, and hopped up on the coffee table to show Mom and Dad that I had won.

Where the collar ended up less than an hour later
The collar was left beside Mom's side of the bed with a few magazines. I used my back paws to pop it off, like scratching a flea. Lesson learned.

Today is Dad's birthday. Mom has meetings tonight, so I'll be hanging out with Dad watching the Colts beat the Dolphins on Monday Night Football. Not a bad birthday present, if you ask me.

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