Friday, September 04, 2009

Finally Friday

This has been quite a hectic week for Mom and Dad, so we're happy that today is Friday for them. They'll be visiting some family this weekend though, since it's a long weekend. Mom has a family reunion that they'll be going up to in Ohio.

Maggie in her blanket cave
The other day when Mom and Dad were making the bed, Maggie's blanket ended up on the floor. Maggie was quick to make a Cat Cave in the blanket.

Maggie on her blanket
The sun was hitting it just right for her to cuddle up in a nice warm spot.

Maggie curled up in her blanket
I know Maggie prefers the blanket on the bed, but she didn't seem to mind having it in a sunspot either. I think this is how we'll be spending our Labor Day weekend -- cuddled up and resting. I hope everyone has a restful weekend, too.

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