Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me! (Lucky Number Seven)

Today is my seventh birthday, but because I needed to get pictures for the post, I actually got to celebrate my birthday last night with a stinky goodness cake in the shape of a 7 (but to you, it probably looks like an L).

Jasper checks out the remote control mouse
Mom, Dad and Aunt Tiff went to Target and got me this really cool remote control mouse for me to chase around. Aunt Tiff said it might be more for for them than for us, and she might be right. It sure got Maggie's attention, and drove under HB's belly.

Jasper's 7 cake
Then we got to have cake. Since I'm the birthday boy I got the first lick of the cake. It was very yummy!

Sharing Jasper's birthday "cake"
Then I let Dad slice it up and shared with Josie, Maggie and Huggy Bear.

Everyone is welcome to come over and celebrate with us today. The scratchers are all nipped up, and you can help us hunt the new remote control mouse, too.

Maggie's "art"
Also, Maggie has been battling this roll of toilet paper. I think Maggie is winning, but if you want, you can lend her a hand in finishing it off.

And here are a few baby Jasper pictures. I can't believe how little I used to be!

cat and mouse
Me with my all-time favorite toy.

jasper in a bowl

baby jasper in a bowl
I loved sleeping in bowls.

cat in a sink
And have always loved sinks.

Jasper's first portrait
Mom's favorite baby picture of me.

Full Monty
My first Full Monty.

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