Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday Thirteen #44: Random 13

There are lots of random things to mention, things that often get lost in the shuffle of some of the other posts, so I'm doing 13 random things ...

1. First, and foremost, our Aunt Tiff got a nursing job! Hooray for Aunt Tiffy!
2. We're still following the Kitty Fight Club, and while the first rule of Fight Club is that you don't talk about Fight Club, I'm talking about it...
3. ... so go and vote for Sweet Praline ...
4. ... and also vote for Sanjee. The competitions are getting tougher and tougher.
5. Mom and Dad are totally geeked about the roller derby round robin three squad battle for the SC state championship. (Oh you have no idea how much fun this really is until you've been!)
Bird's nest with eggs in the hanging fern
6. We have a bird's nest in our fern on the front porch. Leave it for just a minute and next thing you know there's a nest with eggs.
Bird on the front porch
This is the momma bird.
7. We met the new kitten down the street. He's a little gray and white tabby that has been coming over and visiting. His name is BoSox and he is Bella's little brother.
8. Bella is the orange cutie who comes over and invades our back deck.
9. Zoey, Zack's BIG sister (and I mean BIG like she waddles like an otter), caught BoSox stealing some of her Mom's attention (and crunchy food) and chased him down the street back to his house.
10. Mom and Dad have even more projects this weekend. I guess I just need to pray for rain on the weekend so we can get some proper snuggle time.
11. I know I mentioned Aunt Tiff's job, but we're so excited for her I'm mentioning it again!
12. Mom and Dad are participating in the Nielsen TV ratings, so they'll be logging their TV watching for the next week starting today...
13. ... I hope they don't get writer's cramp, because they can be TV junkies.

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