Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Poor Mitzi

Remember Mitzi, that sweet little kitten that showed up at Mom and Dad's doorstep just a few days before they moved from the apartment to their house? Mitzi crossed the Rainbow Bridge today. It seems that she wouldn't stay inside, so eventually her mom would let her go out and explore. Dad told her mom over and over to get her fixed and she wouldn't be so eager to go out. She was set to go to the vet on Friday. But last week she disappeared for about three days. When she showed back up, she wouldn't lift her tail. Today, she was bleeding and the vet said it looks like she'd been hit by a car, her tail was broken and she lacked rectal function. Sadly, there was only one option. Dad is sad and frustrated. He knew it was a risky choice for a mom, but thought this was someone who needed a loving cat in her life to give her something to care for, and that might be right for both Mitzi and her new mom. Looking back, Mitzi stood no chance on her own back in August, and Mom and Dad had few options since they were getting ready to move and couldn't bring another cat into the mix. We just wish things had worked out better for this poor little soul.

Dad wanted me to add that one of his patients had to send her cat to the Bridge after discovering severe diabetes. This cat, eight or nine years old, had been rescued from neglectful owners and Dad reminded her that she gave the cat good years before crossing the Bridge. To make things even worse, a patient called to let them know his wife had her third miscarriage. It was a tough day at the office for Dad.

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