Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Holiday recap

I wanted to take a minute and talk about the week between Christmas and New Year's...

After Mom and Dad returned on Tuesday from Mississippi, Dad's parents (Nanny and Pop) showed up with Aunt Kelly. Aunt Kelly has been wanting to meet us for a long time, and she showed us all kinds of attention. But the one we really warmed up to was Pop. He scored points with us by helping Dad install a new garbage disposal in the kitchen. This new disposal is so quiet we don't even run away when Mom switches it on! So Josie would sit by Pop all the time to show him our appreciation, and the rest of us made sure we put our stink on him (he is going back home to a dog so we wanted to make sure Sassy knew we'd been around...) Nanny, Pop and Kelly left on Friday at 11 a.m. and Aunt Tiff showed up around 1 p.m.

Aunt Tiff brought us presents! We got a neat whirly toy with fuzzy balls and kinky strings on it that Huggy Bear enjoyed growling at and dismantling. She also brought us these cool stuffed mice and toy jacks and some of our favorite treats. She stayed until today, when she had to go back to Atlanta and get ready for school (working on her fourth degree, if you count bartending school). One night Aunt Tiff was watching TV on the couch and Maggie curled up with her and fell asleep, which we all know is the biggest compliment of all.

We'll miss all the company, but we know they'll be back visiting soon enough. Today, with the house empty except for Mom, Josie and I have been curled up with her as she reads her second book of the new year. (See... still keeping that resolution!)

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