Thursday, January 11, 2007

Maggie's blanket

Maggie has her favorite blanket. It's a very soft orange throw that ended up at the foot of Mom and Dad's bed one night, and once Maggie started nuzzling it and curling up and sleeping with Mom and Dad, it has stayed at the foot of the bed. The issue is that Mom and Dad got a new, pretty bedspread and orange just doesn't fit the color scheme (it really never did fit the color scheme, but it was soft and warm and Mom and Dad like orange...). So Mom is on the hunt for a beige replacement. Personally, I think it's just another excuse to wander around Target. It's risky to play games with our favorite things. After the move, plant stand (aka cat stand) moved into one of the upstairs rooms, but it just hasn't felt right, so I haven't been sleeping in it. So I have to wonder, even if Mom finds the right feeling blanket, will it feel right to Maggie?

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