Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My perch

I love a good high perch, like my stack of boxes in the garage. When I lived in Iowa, I had a spot at the top of the stairs so I could oversee everything. When we were in the apartment, I lacked any real high ground. Now that we have stairs again, I have reclaimed my spot at the top of the stairs.

From here, I can see the front door as well as all the upstairs action. The only thing better would be if cat stand (a plant stand that I eventually claimed and had Mom move all but one plant off of) was placed up here to give me a little higher vantage point. The only danger from this spot is dusk and dawn, when Dad decides he doesn't quite need the light, but in the dim light I blend in just a little too much and almost get stepped on. It is also very entertaining because Maggie will dart between the spindles and walk on the wrong side of them like an acrobat.

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