Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Tree'd again

Mom and Dad were so proud of Maggie. After last year when she was such a little kitten and they couldn't do anything to keep her out of the tree, Mom and Dad were a little nervous about putting up a tree again. But they were having a surprise birthday party for a friend last weekend and there's a odd space in the foyer by the stairs that is perfect for the small tree (we'll end up with two trees this year!) so they set up the tree there. For the first few days, the tree went unscathed. Then the other morning Mom awoke to tink, tink, rustle, rustle and sure enough, Maggie was in the tree again. Five balls down, four shell ornaments down (I'll have to post a picture, but it was unbreakable ornaments from Martha Stewart and sea shell ornaments Mom made that are so pretty). One ball was by the front door ... obviously a play toy, right? The others were all in a corner under the tree. Now, Dad has had to restring a few rows of lights from Maggie trying to hold on as she is coaxed out of the tree. One shell ornament has broken (just a little ... it can be fixed) and several more balls have come down. They even caught Josie (aka Little Miss Perfect) on the stairs reaching out trying the smack a ball, then later lying under the tree batting another ornament. Martha Stewart talked on one of her shows about how to keep pets from the trees, then added that she has a tree just for her pets that they can play in. I like that idea. Maybe after the holidays Dad will set the tree up in the bonus room just for us to climb in.

[Update: Here are some of the pet Christmas suggestions from Martha's show...]

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