Wednesday, December 13, 2006

If the tree's a'rockin'

Last night Mom and Dad put up the big Christmas tree, which means twice as many trees for Maggie to terrorize. The backside of the smaller tree is nice and flattened from her lying across it. Dad piled the presents around the tree thinking this may form a wall, but Josie quickly proved that that was a silly idea. With Maggie watching, Josie carefully approached the gifts, then hurdled one of the tallest boxes to land perfectly in the empty space behind the tree. Then Maggie found a small tunnel between boxes and, with one quick burst, dove head-first through the gifts. A small scuffle ensued behind the tree and Dad coaxed them out with treats. I've behaved, but all the others have taken their turns around the tree. This morning Dad came down and heard the familiar tink, tink and said, "Maggie, you'd better just be under the tree" and then the tree leaned slightly and Maggie's tail popped out from about midway up the tree. Dad quickly removed her, but he's now working on ways to secure the tree. (This is a new tree so we're still adapting to the base, and this tree is thicker so Maggie ends up more on the outside edge of the branches which makes it wobble more...)

We got some good pictures last night so I'll try to get them up today or tomorrow...

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