Monday, December 11, 2006

Josie got in trouble

Mom felt so bad, having to yell at Josie, but Josie knew better ... On Sunday, Mom was preparing a ham tray for a Christmas party she was helping organize, so her hands were all covered in ham. Josie was on the back of the new couch in what has become "her spot" and then, for no reason, Josie started to scratch at the arm of the couch. Well, with her hands covered in ham, Mom could do nothing but yell at Josie. Josie looked so scared and ran upstairs and hid for a little bit before coming back and mewing at Mom and rubbing on her leg. Mom felt so bad yelling at Josie and scaring her, but she can't rip the new couches. When Dad got home they trimmed Josie's nails and gave her so love. Tonight is HB's and Maggie's nails. Mom and Dad are discussing trying the soft nails on them, but just don't know. Maybe they just need mittens.

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