Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Fat-Cat to the rescue

Dad had some commotion at his office the other day. It seems there was a little furry visitor (well, not so little... last year, they had a little field mouse. This year, it was definitely a mouse, not the "rat" that someone screamed, but it was about three inches long and almost two wide). Dad and the other man in the office were busy with patients, and the maintenance guy went out to "get supplies to do what must be done." Despite the fact that Dad encouraged everyone to keep things calm until after patient hours, four of the women in the office ventured into the office manager's office (the mouse hung out behind her desk all day) and preceded to try to catch it in a box. Dad said it sounded like Sylvester boxing the baby kangaroo, which did little to "keep things calm" like Dad had asked. Eventually, the maintenance guy returned, but instead of using a trap, he managed to catch the mouse in the box. [Poi Rats may want to stop reading now...] One of the ladies took the mouse out and met Fat-Cat, a gray and white tuxedo who visits the parking lot of Dad's office. She showed Fat-Cat what was in the box, he jumped in the box, the big ugly gray mouse jumped out, Fat-Cat jumped out, there was a big dust cloud and stars like on Scooby-Doo, and the office mouse problem was solved. Fat-Cat to the rescue.

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