Monday, April 10, 2006

A thief in the night

We were enjoying a late night with Mom and Dad this weekend, the air was fresh and cool and the windows were open. Out of nowhere, we heard the most awful "ree-oww!" Right away, the back porch light was on. We wanted to see if there was some viscious cat fight out back. We were all startled by what we actually saw -- a grey fox!

There has been some construction down the road from us and they are encroaching in on the woods behind us and who knows, maybe this fox came hunting our way.

Dad went out right away and Midnight was out and OK, another tabby came out too when Dad looked around. Mom saw a cat climbing down from a tree (quick internet check shows foxes can climb trees too...) We think maybe he made a move on one of the cats because Mom saw one who looked tussled, but things seem back to normal now.

But you outdoor cats out there ... be careful!

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