Sunday, April 23, 2006

Hunger strike

Dad thought he was being all smart. It was time for us to take our second installment of dewormer pills. Mom and Dad tried to get us to swallow them -- ha! fat chance. Maggie took the first one, then it was a no-go from there on. I got the tongue-out action going and Huggy Bear did too. So out of frustration came Dad's big idea. "Mix it in some stinky goodness." How gullible does he think we are? We snubbed that wasted stinky goodness. So Dad took our dry food away. We still said no. Eventually, he tried to force a little in my mouth, I foamed and drooled like Ol' Yeller, and they gave up. Sure, it might mean another vet visit, but I think the first pill was good enough. Mom and Dad hope I'm right.

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