Wednesday, April 26, 2006

My portrait

Dad thought this was a really neat picture of me. He just happened to capture it tonight and the way the light shadows around me it looks like I got a portrait done without having to go to a picture studio.

Speaking of picture studios... I really don't tell too many stories about the cat who came before, but when Mom was a little Sticky Person herself, she had a cat named Fluffy. And despite the name, Fluffly was the Prince of Cats in the neighborhood, patrolling outside and enjoying visits inside. Well, when he was a little kitten, he was very good to Mom, playing all kinds of games (Mom says she used to dress him up in baby doll clothes and stroll him around the neighborhood) and he even tolerated a trip to the photographer's and posed with Mom to get his picture taken. I just couldn't imagine doing that. Fluffy must have been a special cat.

Mom with Fluffy circa 1981. Posted by Picasa

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