Saturday, April 15, 2006

My 4th birthday!

Happy birthday to ME! I'm four today ... it's just after midnight and I'm so excited about my birthday that I just had to go ahead and post about it! It snuck up on me this year, what with taxes and everything (that's a joke, cats don't file taxes ... hehe), so I didn't get to plan a party. I guess I share a birthday with Luna, a blogging cat from Spain, and Meep just had a birthday, too, so it looks like I'm in good company.

I'm still working on that tuna cake from Mom ... she's pretty creative, so maybe, just maybe, she'll pull this one out of her sleeve and surprise us all.

My birthday wish is that Josie's eye clears up completely and that it never gets goopy like it is again. Ever since Maggie's eye trouble, Mom is so sensitive and nervous about eyes. And poor Josie is not herself right now. She'll have good parts of the day, then bad, with a little discharge and a lot of squinting (sure, she tries to play it off as a flirty wink, but we know the truth).

So let's all think clear eyes, tuna cake and happy birthday wishes all day today! Thanks...

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