Friday, September 16, 2005

A Safari adventure

Safari is Maggie's sister from the big litter of kittens, and her mom is TJ from Dad's work. Today, TJ told Dad about Safari's latest adventure. See, earlier in the month, the quick little Safari slipped out the front door and got 10 minutes of exploration time before TJ realized that she was writing graduation thank you notes without the help of her kitten. (Safari was patiently waiting for her mom on the front doormat when she opened the door with a "where have you been" expression on her face.)

So this morning, TJ awakens to an empty bed. Usually Safari claims part of her pillow. She looks around, searches her apartment, closets, bathrooms ... no Sarafi -- but she does hear an occasional "meow." Well, she eventually narrows it down, and finds Sarafi in her bottom nightstand drawer. TJ had not opened the drawer the night before, so she must have found a way IN probably from underneath or behind, but couldn't manage to get OUT. Those crazy kittens! You just never know what kind of mess they're going to find for themselves...

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