Friday, September 09, 2005

Huggy in hiding

Mom and Dad kept hearing a THUMP-Thump-thump, THUMP-Thump-thump, which is usually the sound of Huggy Bear hitting one of the cabinet doors trying to open it. So dad checked the kitchen and both bathrooms, but didn't see Huggy. But the sound continued. He even went into his bathroom and opened the cabinet, expecting Huggy to come darting out -- but nothing! And the sound continued (kind of Edgar Allen Poe-ish, if you ask me). They assumed that it was the neighbor's son banging the cabinet door in their bathroom which shares the wall. Finally, Dad checked under his sink again, this time opening it and getting low to look all around. And there he was, sitting on a stack of towels and looking at Dad like, "What took you so long?!?"

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