Monday, September 05, 2005

Great day

We had a great Labor Day ... an extra day with Dad and the weather was so nice that we were able to open the windows.

Dad also did something funny today. He was helping clean a cast-iron skillet (I guess that's not the easiest kitchen task, especially for a Dad) and he forgot he had filled a pitcher with water for the plants. Well, he hit the pitcher with his elbow, spilled a bunch of water trying to catch it with his one free hand (other hand holding heavy, hot skillet) and then set it upright, but not completely so the sloshing water upended the pitcher again and Dad caught it again, spilling more water. This startled Huggy, who is usually a good kitchen helper. Dad cleaned up all his watery mess, then took the throw rug out of the kitchen to hang so it could dry and, to Huggy's excitement, he revealed a hidden straw to play with. Everything for a reason, that's what I say...

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