Thursday, September 08, 2005

Bad day...

Today has been what Mom called "bodily fluid day."

You see, since Maggie has been in the house, she has had her large carrier (about two feet by three feet) so she had a place of her own, and it had a half-size litter box perfect for a little kitten. Well, despite their best efforts, Mom and Dad were unable to keep us bigger kittens from the litter box, and it became our box of preference, which was really bugging Dad since he's the one who cleans it at night, and let me tell you ... a half-sized litter box can't hardly handle what we can dish out! So Dad decided it was about time that Maggie start using the regular box. He did some serious cleaning last night, then showed Maggie the new box twice.

This morning, there is quite a poop stench that Dad noticed as he was getting ready. He looked around, checked out the big litter box for deposits that missed or were kicked out, looking in Maggie's carrier (sans small litter box), sniffed Huggy's butt (just in case) and deducted that someone REALLY needed to go. A little while later, Mom instant messages Dad at work and reports that someone used the plant again, and did it big time! So big time, that she has ruled out Maggie and suspects a disgruntled bigger cat who liked the little litter box. So Mom had to clean the plant, and did manage to stop Maggie from using the plant and got her to the box just in time.

To top things off, I threw up two hairballs in Dad's bathroom and one got on the bathroom mat. And Mom found that and had to clean it up too. And she was not happy about it.

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