Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Tabby Tattle Tale (and Takeover) Tuesday

Maggie checking things out
Hi! Maggie here! I've hijacked the blog to tattle on my big brother, because you know he won't tell on himself. You know how Sweet Praline got grounded for stepping outside the other night when her Mom was on the porch and the door was cracked? And you know how Samantha and Mr. Tigger went outside and are driving their Mom crazy with worry? Well, a certain big orange cat tried the same thing the other night. On Sunday we had company for dinner and when Aunt Tiff was leaving Mom was standing at the door saying goodbye and Jasper put his front two paws right over the edge of the door like he thought he was going with Aunt Tiff or something. Mom scooped him up right away and asked him if he'd lost his mind. (I think he had.) It must be this big Harvest Moon. I'm glad Jasper didn't slip out. And I sure hope Samantha and Mr. Tigger come home soon.

Maggie helping with laundry
OK, I'm done tattling on Jasper. I guess I'll give the blog back to him tomorrow. At least until he gets crazy again and needs to be tattled on.

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