Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tattle Tail Tuesday and tocks for Derby

Can you believe we don't have a picture to post? Mom and Dad have pictures of us, but they're just sitting on the camera doing no good for anyone. The nerve of them!

It's getting pretty cool here for South Carolina. Mom and Dad keep the house kinda cool, I think so we'll snuggle with them. And it's working. They had three of us in bed with them the other night. Anyhow, I owed everyone an update, so I wanted to post real quick. I'll get the beans to get some pictures up tonight so I have something for Wordless tomorrow...

Also, Happy Birthday Derby! Here's the best 'tock picture I could come up with right now. At least the closest I could get.

Maggie hanging out in her tunnel

And just for fun ... gorilla 'tocks from this summer's zoo trip ...
One big gorilla

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