Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Thursday

Thanksgiving means getting a little extra down time around the house, but it also means company and the oh so wonderful smell of turkey wafting through the house. We have friends of Mom and Dad's visiting from frozen Iowa (our windows are open right now...) and their little soon-to-be-three-years-old son Garrett visiting. Garrett has been playing with us a lot (and wearing us out so we will sleep hard, and hide under beds). (The smell of turkey is currently overriding Huggy Bear's misgivings about Garrett and he's spending a lot of time snoopervising in the kitchen...)

Since this is Thanksgiving, it is time for us to give thanks.
Maggie said she is thankful for her orange blanket that she loves to sleep on and nuzzle, for treats, and her high napping spot in the garage.
Huggy Bear is thankful for morning treats when Dad first goes downstairs, for Maggie who always wants to hang out with him, and for not getting fussed at when he begs for turkey.
Josie is thankful for brushes under her chin, and the coat closet hiding place, and special Mom time when Josie gets under the covers and snuggles against Mom's leg at night.
I am thankful for my sink to nap in, my catstand to nap in, and brushes on the corner of my mouth.
We are all thankful for our family, our wonderful blogging friends and the good health of everyone.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving and I hope everyone gets some turkey today!

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