Monday, November 12, 2007

7 Weird or Random Facts Tag

I was tagged by Puddy over at a Byootaful Life. She's a pretty House Panther from Australia. The tag is to share seven random or weird facts about myself. Here goes...
1. I snore.
2. I like to sleep in the bathroom sink in the summer when it's hot outside.
3. When I'm snoring in the sink upstairs Mom and Dad can hear it from the living room downstairs just below the bathroom ... I guess the sink becomes an amplifier.
4. When my brother Huggy Bear chases me and we're running around upstairs sometimes Mom and Dad wonder if a person is running around because it sounds so loud.
5. When I was a kitten Mom and Dad put the harness on me and took me out in the snow ... still can't figure out what that was all about!
6. There's a hidden storage room over the garage that I really want to explore but Dad just won't let me in, even though I sit by the door and stare at it. Something about it "not being safe."
7. When none of the other cats are around, I like to play ball with Dad like a kitten, but when they come around I act like a mature grown cat who doesn't have time for that foolishness (although I do really like smacking the ball out of the air!).

Feel free to pick up the tag and carry it on (I'm sorry, I'm bad about passing these things along...) but if you want to do it, take it and run!

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