Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Surviving on cuteness alone

Right now, Huggy Bear and Maggie are walking the fine line between cuteness and mischief. Huggy Bear seems to think that buttons are bugs. I can't criticize him too much for this since I did eat two buttons off of one of Mom's favorite shirts when I was a kitten, but that still doesn't make it OK. Huggy Bear attacked the duvet cover on the futon this morning and was quite determined to kill those buttons and eat them. Dad eventually turned the buttons under and HB was content to go elsewhere. But then there's Maggie. Little Miss Maggie, all full of cuteness, decided to launch herself at the back screen door last night, climb to the very top, and pull the screen free from the frame. I'm not sure if the "pulling the screen free" thing was an escape attempt, an assault on a bug, or just an unfortunate effect of seven pounds of kitten hanging free on a screen door. We lost our open door privileges last night because of this, and the weather was so nice for South Carolina in June, too. Dad has learned to be handy and actually managed to repair the screen, but Maggie got back up and Dad had to soak her pretty good. Hopefully she's learned. She did sleep with Dad last night, so I think she's playing the cute card now to get back in the good.

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