Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Lawnmower day

Yesterday was lawnmower day ... that's the day that the groundskeepers come around the apartments and stir up the dust, since we have more dust that grass out back. They drive their lawnmowers past our place time and time again cutting through to the other side of the property and this just drives Josie nuts. She's the protector in the family, and I'm OK with that since she has that mothering instinct, so she has to monitor everything that goes on. So all day, she's streaking from one window to another, room to room, back and forth. It really wears her out (and us, too, just watching her) ... and in the end, she is thankful the offending people are gone so she can nap, although she still naps by the back door, just in case they come back sooner than expected.

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