Saturday, June 24, 2006

Pet Med

This morning, Mom and Dad put us all in our own harnesses, loaded us up in our carrier (Huggy Bear, Josie and I in the big one, Maggie in the small one) and we got in the car and went for a drive. We ended up in a Publix parking lot and this van pulled up and suddenly we were in line with all these mouth breathing, drooling dogs. At the end of the line was a V-E-T and we all got our annual shots. Maggie wouldn't come out of her carrier, but he was able to give her her shot anyway. Then Dad put the leash on Huggy and he was so good ... he came right on out, no fussing. Same with Josie. When Dad wrangled me from the very back of the carrier, Mom had the keep a curious Huggy Bear from slipping out also. But overall we were all very good, and not a peep from us on the ride home (unlike the serenade on the way over from Josie and I). Once we got home, the harnesses came immediately off, thankfully. I'm all of a size 18 in the harness, it seems, and that doesn't leave a lot of stretching room ... some of you bigger cats know what I mean. And Mom and Dad gave us some treats and even I inhaled them. I have to say the Friskies Indoor Cat Treats are my new favorites. I got a little eye ointment from Mom ... I've been squinting, probably from wrestling with Maggie, and it looks like another round of Drontal for wormies. Hopefully it will take this time. But we're all glad to be back home in the a/c. We went first thing and it was already getting hot. High today should be near 100! I feel for those cats (and even the dogs) who are going to meet the Pet Med at noon. It's been a busy morning already. Time for a nap...

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