Monday, November 21, 2005

Poor Little Josie

Mom is getting ready to take Josie to the vet. Mom thinks that maybe during some kittycat roughhousing Josie's eye got scratched. She is having trouble opening it all the way, and her second eyelid is protecting the eye. It's not bloody or anything, but mom knows it hurts her and wants to get it taken care before it does become something bigger. Everyone think good thoughts for my little sister.

**Josie update: Mom just got home from the vet, and Josie has a corneal abcess from a scratch. The Dr. has her on an antibiotic, and get this they have to put right in her eye. Ugh! But luckily there weren't any sticky things. Josie has had such a big day with going to the vet's office then to dad's office to get her eye meds. Josie's so special to get to see dad during the day and where he works. Mom said Josie was a big girl and didn't even cry or hiss or bite the doctor.

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