Saturday, November 05, 2005

Playdate with Maggie's sister

TJ from Dad's work had to come over last night and she brought Maggie's sister Safari for a playdate. She was a little overwhelming at first with all us cats out there, so Josie, Huggy and I got sent to Mom's bathroom so the two girls could play. After a few minutes, Safari ventured out of her carrier and she and Maggie exchanged hisses. Then they chased each other around the living room, behind the couch and around and under the plush rocker -- all our favorite chase spots. Dad even got out the laser pointer and played red bug with Safari.

The funniest thing they did all night was hiss at each other. After the initial hissing, Mom and Dad expected it to die down, but they kept it up. They'd be playing nice, then suddenly -- HISS! It was so funny. Dad said Maggie hissed so much that she would be a horse, but I checked last night and I'm pretty sure she's still a kitten.

We managed to get a few good pictures and I'll try to post them later this weekend.

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